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Cargo and Shipping Containers Built to Meet Every Demand

At Cherokee West Enterprises, we build cargo and Shipping Containers to meet every need. We provide fast, Free Quotes for any Shipping or Storage requirement.  

You can count on Cherokee West to deliver not only the best prices on superior shipping and storage products, but efficient and personalized service supported by our long standing reputation and industry experience. 

Whether its one container for an individual or 500 containers for a corporate, military or government project, our Services are unmatched. In most cases, we can even build in your color and add your company logo.


Introducing our affiliate Contral for all of your trailer needs.


Contact them via email (allen@thechaindrive.com) and be sure to mention code CWE2018 for special pricing.

How much space is required for delivery?

Containers are delivered on a tilt bed truck or flatbed truck. On tilt bed trucks the driver tilts the bed up, and the container touches the ground. The driver then drives out from under the container. The delivery site needs to allow for 14’ of overhead clearance to accommodate the container on top of the tilt bed trailer. To get out from under the container the driver needs at least the length of the container and the tilt bed truck, in a straight line. This can be up to 100 feet with a 40’ container. The loaded tilt bed truck requires 12-foot wide clearance.

Time Allocation

In most cases, it will take 30 minutes or less to deliver your container once on-site. Drivers often deliver multiple containers in a day. If the delivery time exceeds one hour, then other deliveries have to be delayed or rescheduled.

What about my site?

 If a container is not level, the doors will be difficult to operate. Containers are fine to be placed on the ground but please ensure proper drainage and leveling.

Is a permit required to place a storage ontainer on your property?

Each city or county have their own regulations! We recommend that you contact your local municipal authority to confirm. Most cities and counties do not require a permit. But it is your responsibility to investigate and arrange for any required permits or fees associated with the placement of the container.

20 ft Standard

Length – 20 ft

Width – 8 ft

Height – 8 ft 6 in

Internal Length – 19 ft 4 in

Internal Width – 7 ft 8 in

Internal Height – 7 ft 9 in

Door Opening Width – 7 ft 6 in

Door Opening Height – 7 ft 5 in

Floor Area – 160 sq ft

Cubic Capacity – 1160 cu ft

Weight – Approx. 4650 lbs

40 ft Standard

Length – 40 ft

Width – 8 ft

Height – 8 ft 6 in

Internal Length – 39 ft 4 in

Internal Width – 7 ft 8 in

Internal Height – 7 ft 9 in

Door Opening Width – 7 ft 6 in

Door Opening Height – 7 ft 6 in

Floor Area – 320 sq ft

Cubic Capacity – 2360 cu ft

Weight – Approx. 8600 lbs

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In Rochester New York a new floral design space was recently unveiled in a local neighborhood for a project called Greentopia by Green Visions. The space was built from a repurposed shipping container and was designed as a way to help the community in their local garden.

Deep in the heart of Mombasa Island, there was a temporary health center for emergency obstetrics and neonatal care in what seemed like an unusual building.

Photo Courtesy of Kuer.org

Shipping Container builds have been a constant source of creativity in the ever-growing housing market over the last few years. They are already built wind and water tight and can be shipping directly from the factory, even going so far as to have custom cut-outs pre-ordered.