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In Rochester New York a new floral design space was recently unveiled in a local neighborhood for a project called Greentopia by Green Visions. The space was built from a repurposed shipping container and was designed as a way to help the community in their local garden.

There is a storage section for garden tools, a small worskshop where participants can put together the bouquets and a cold storage room to keep the flowers in pristine condition.

Deep in the heart of Mombasa Island, there was a temporary health center for emergency obstetrics and neonatal care in what seemed like an unusual building.

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Shipping Container builds have been a constant source of creativity in the ever-growing housing market over the last few years. They are already built wind and water tight and can be shipping directly from the factory, even going so far as to have custom cut-outs pre-ordered.

The Carr Fire, a California Wildfire that spread from Whiskeytown Lake to the City of Redding California, has displaced thousands and destroyed over 1200 structures. It continues to burn on as firefighters from all of over the country continue to fight it off. 

Photo Courtesy of Idaho Press

In Meridian Idaho, a new and innovative building is being commissioned as a “small” alternative. The Meridian Library District is creating a new Tiny Library by way a used 20 foot shipping container. Plans for the new unit include windows, a front door and a roll up window on the end. These are adjustments that are going to be made on-site as the container has been moved to its’ new home.


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