Other Services

Equipment Recovery Services

Cherokee West Enterprises Inc. is experienced in container and asset recovery. During these tumultuous times, international business is even more risky. Should the unexpected happen, Cherokee West Enterprise has your back & can assist in locating and recovering your assets worldwide.

Container Fleet Liquidation

Cherokee West Enterprises Inc.’s international presence provides an excellent resource for container fleet liquidation. We are able to purchase and absorb large groups of containers worldwide, providing owners one point of contact and dramatically reducing overhead and administrative costs.

Rental Shipping and Cargo Containers

Rental containers are available to our customers in Northern California. We can provide you with an inexpensive and immediate solution to meet your business, personal or commercial storage needs. Our rental fleet is comprised of both new and refurbished metal storage containers for guaranteed safe and secure on-site storage.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Because customer care is our first priority, we have developed a variety of services to enhance our container product line. Our commitment to satisfy the diverse needs of each individual customer is our Number 1 goal:

  • Delivery & relocation of containers with flatbed, tilt-bed or forklift. Our network of truckers can deliver and place shipping containers in almost any U.S. location.
  • Modified shipping containers including locking devices, electrical packages, ventilation packages, roll-up doors, windows, partitions, shelving, customized paint, display and advertising panels.
  • Custom made new and used shipping containers converted to offices, concession sales, cabins or hunting blinds, barracks, guard shacks, etc.
  • Checks and credit cards are accepted whether buying new or used shipping containers. Financing or leasing will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Written warranties accompany all sales.
  • Strong after sale support with buyback programs and expert advice.

New and Used Cargo Containers

Cherokee West Enterprises Inc. is your outlet for new and used cargo containers, connex boxes and metal shipping/storage containers. Our containers are guaranteed to be the highest quality on the market, with customer service to match. Built to stringent industry specifications, our shipping and cargo containers are secure, weather resistant, and can be modified to meet your individual needs.

We offer specialized units, including refrigerated and insulated containers, double doors, side doors, duocons, tank containers, flat racks, 45’, 48’ and 53’ and open top containers; as well as shipping equipment such as chassis and delivery trailers.

New Cargo Containers

All new shipping containers are built to the highest ISO (International Steamship Operators) standards required for use in commercial shipping. Manufactured in China with sturdy Corten steel – the highest quality, rust resistant container steel available – our containers provide safe and secure shipping and storage for every purpose.

The flexibility of our containers doesn’t stop there, we have helped our clients realize unlimited applications. Modified units are extremely popular for innovative uses such as offices, auxiliary buildings, disaster relief, container housing, home renovations, guard shacks, agricultural storage, and much more.]

For our customers in the mobile or self-storage industry, we can build units in your color and even add your logo for a nominal fee. 

Used Cargo Containers

Used shipping containers give you the most affordable shipping and storage options. Used shipping containers give you the most affordable shipping and storage options. Our used container inventory is always changing, but we always carry a variety of used containers that are wind and water tight, cargo worthy and/or  “as-is”. Used container specs and availability will vary by location. Please contact us for a container inventory list.

 Nationwide Delivery

From our over 40+ U.S. locations, we can easily service any destination in the U.S. and Canada.  In addition, we are also able to service port regions in Australia, New Zealand, South America and Europe.