With agriculture exports, the future is so bright you’re going to need shades.

Thu, 04/05/2018 - 4:12pm

Photo courtesy of Mercury News.com

According to the Farm Bureau Federation, the juggernaut of agriculture trade is up. A record-high $21 billion trade surplus in has hit in agriculture commodities, the highest it’s been since October 2008. Continuing a trend in surplus that hasn’t seen a decrease in 60 years.

In addition, California leads the nation in agriculture exports, most noteably in the Port of Oakland. Cherokee West containers play an integral part in the Oakland market which makes us a great option for agronomy businesses in Northern California.

One thing the surplus has made evident is that the Farm export business is booming and it shows no signs of going anywhere. If you are thinking about export, give us a call or sign up for a free quote online. Put your faith in a business that understands the growing economy and can offer competitive rates to help you jumpstart your export business. 

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