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Tiny Library Creates New Reading Opportunities

In Meridian Idaho, a new and innovative building is being commissioned as a “small” alternative. The Meridian Library District is creating a new Tiny Library by way a used 20 foot shipping container. Plans for the new unit include windows, a front door and a roll up window on the end. These are adjustments that are going to be made on-site as the container has been moved to its’ new home.

New Hydroponic Farm in Michigan makes Year-Round Growth a Reality

In Ann Arbor Michigan, one hydroponic grower is creating the business Crop Spot Farms, providing mobile hydroponic farms in mobile places around the area. If you’re not familiar with hydroponic farms, they are farms that are climate, light and temperature controlled built inside shipping containers.

Container Cabin Vacation Rental is First of Its’ Kind.

Deep in the woods of Northern New York, on a 14-acre plot of land sits a black micro-cabin built to create a peaceful getaway for those looking to escape.  What makes this escape unique is not only its’ picturesque location, but its’ tiny indoor living space. The micro-cabin is built from a 20 foot shipping container and serves as a one-of-a-kind vacation rental that is featured on AirBnb.


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