Armadillo Mobile Storage Donates Free Container Rentals

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 1:48pm

The Carr Fire, a California Wildfire that spread from Whiskeytown Lake to the City of Redding California, has displaced thousands and destroyed over 1200 structures. It continues to burn on as firefighters from all of over the country continue to fight it off. 

Cherokee West has been affected by this as our headquarters are in Redding. We feel deeply saddened for our community. To help the cause, our sister company Armadillo Mobile Storage would like to help all of those affected by the Carr Fire.

They are offering 1 month of free rent on a 20 foot container from their yard in Anderson. These containers have a variety of different uses but can be most helpful to victims in storing any possessions that haven’t been touched by fire or to use during their home rebuild for construction materials. The containers are wind and water tight to help protect important materials from the elements.

Northwest Shipping is offering 50% off of pick up and delivery services for the Armadillo containers to the local Redding area for all victims of the Carr Fire.

In addition, Armadillo is offering 1 month of free rental which includes pick up and delivery to all agencies that are supporting the efforts including The Red Cross, Cal Fire, The Police Department, The Sheriff’s Department and all Evacuation Centers.

Armadillo Mobile Storage has been in the Container Rental business for over 10 years. They service the entire Northstate and Nationwide but call Redding their home. They are deeply grieved for their hometown and would like to help those affected by the fire during this difficult time.

For more information, contact Dorothea Garrett at 1-855-9-BIG-BOX or her local number 530-547-5408 for more details or go to our sister company's  website at