Container Cabin Vacation Rental is First of Its’ Kind.

Tue, 05/29/2018 - 2:05pm
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Deep in the woods of Northern New York, on a 14-acre plot of land sits a black micro-cabin built to create a peaceful getaway for those looking to escape.  What makes this escape unique is not only its’ picturesque location, but its’ tiny indoor living space. The micro-cabin is built from a 20 foot shipping container and serves as a one-of-a-kind vacation rental that is featured on AirBnb.

This tiny cabin redefines the expectations of a container refurb, featuring wood from floor to ceiling, sleek design and modern efficiency. Unlike anything out there, this container was originally built by “Contanium”, a New York based company that creates modern masterpieces out of shipping container units. 

It was built to provide a slightly elevated camping experience, creating a living space but encouraging a sense of getting back to nature while combining all the modern comforts of home. The cabin itself features a wood stove, a convertible couch/bed, bookshelf and a kitchen combined with energy efficient walls and insulated windows which emphasize the natural light element to the home. While a bathroom is not available in the cabin, a modern bathroom unit sits just 40 feet from the cabin allowing for privacy.

The cabins come equipped with a deck.  It also features an outdoor, wood-fired hot tub that uses water from the stream nearby within a 120-gallon galvanized tub. This tub creates the ultimate outdoor relaxation. 
Most of the time, tiny homes created from shipping containers can only be marveled at from a distance. But this micro-cabin can be enjoyed by many a vacationer looking to get back to nature. It is available year-round to rent and we hope will be the first of many new up and coming vacation rentals made from shipping containers. 

If you are looking to create your own outdoor oasis from a shipping container, contact Cherokee West today. We offer 20 ft and 40 ft units with delivery to many areas within the United States at competitive pricing. Give us a call, or fill out our quote form for a free online quote. 

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