Container Farms: The new way to grow locally

Tue, 03/27/2018 - 12:04pm

Sustainable growth is an imperative for farmers in the U.S. As import costs rise, Americans are finding alternative ways to locally grow. One of those innovative ways is through shipping container farms. Using a 40 foot shipping container, something Cherokee West can offer, container farms, otherwise known as Terra Farms, offer the ability to use less water- as low as 5 gallons for specific kinds of growth such as kale, lettuce and strawberries. They can do this by using hydroponics which can be used much more efficiently within the controlled environment of a shipping container.

Photo credit: Inhabitat.comLocal farmers can grow pesticide and herbicide free using the container method which is massively appealing to the ever-growing clean eating market. It also creates the ability to grow good quality produce out of season.


How is this possible? Growers create a controlled environment in a water tight unit by using LED lights that channel wavelengths and intensities. They can also use sensor systems monitoring water, nutrient, and atmospheric conditions.


Container Farms is a cost effective way to grow. Because containers can be purchased outright for a one-time fee and it can take a mere matter of weeks to get a Terra Farm up and running, the amount of long term sustainability possibilities are endless.
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Interested in learning more about how much creating a Terra Farm could be? Contact us for a free quote on a 40 foot shipping container and you can start your Container Farm adventure.




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