Containers for Hurricane Sandy

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 3:10pm

Shipping Containers for Hurricane Sandy

shipping containers hurricane sandy

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What good would containers for hurricane Sandy victims do?

Our hearts reach out to those affected by the storm.  From the west coast we can only watch our TVs, and listen to our radios and imagine what it must be like to be any one of the families or persons driven from their homes by the storm.  It is even harder to imagine  having nothing to come back to, or coming back to something so damaged it doesn’t even feel like home anymore.   Your possessions strewn about from the current.  Mud, and the beginning of mold making where you used to enjoy your Sunday afternoons an almost unbearable place to be.  The great news is, the ports are back open, and that means help is on the way.  Sometimes help comes in the most unlikely forms, including the box that your supplies comes in.   With ports back open, and companies resuming their normal shipping patterns, as well as extra shipments for the purposes of aiding those in need.  What do you end up with?  Stacks of boxes.  Boxes that would normally be of little use, can become a critical resource.  Shipping containers for hurricane Sandy victims could make a huge difference.

Shipping containers can be used for storage, moving your (carefully packed) belongings from one place to another, and of course shipping things across the sea (for those of you looking to “get the heck out.”)  So whether it be for a construction company or building owner looking to clean up, or a tenant looking to get things out of the way, Cherokee West has the answer.   Call us today at (866)354-4025 or visit our website for a fast, free quote Cherokee West is here, in the wake of Hurricane/Super-storm Sandy.  With an


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estimated 40,000 people with nowhere left to sleep, a shipping container could mean a night away from the rain, and wind.   Containers can be easily modified to accommodate a small family for an extended period of time.  While the picture here is meant to be prison cells, they are just that in name.  A shelter is a shelter, I would gladly sleep in a prison cell (shipping container or not) in a situation like this.

Our point here is simple, you help when you can, and this is the best way we know how.  Forward this article to your friends, family, local government officials, the President, FEMA, or anyone else you can think of that would help put a roof over someones head, or walls around their belongings, or even their debris in a box to be hauled off.  Cherokee West Enterprises is here to help.