Custom Built Home is First of Its Kind in Iowa

Mon, 06/04/2018 - 11:41am
Photo courtesy of Revolution Realty Team

Cargotecture has found a voice in Cedar Rapids where investors set their sights on a different kind of project. Tiny homes built from 20 foot units have become increasingly more common by those looking for a pre-made structure to create a minimalistic living space. But what sets this Iowa home apart is its sheer size.

In a recent build by CargoHab, a local general contracting firm, boasts a much bigger living space. Using 4, 45 foot containers, it is a full size, custom built home. What makes the build so unique is the size of the containers. Standard container sizes are usually available as 20 and 40 foot units. These 45 foot containers add more depth and square footage to the unit. The building was recently finished and the contractors say they learned a lot while using this new method of construction. 

"We learned we underestimated the time frame because everything in here is custom--nothing's the same, nothing's store bought. So it did take quite a bit of time as well," Casey Cornwell, a member of CargoHab stated. The custom-built home features 4 bedrooms and 2,900 square feet. It boasts 2 laundry rooms, one on each floor, private balconies, and a fully equipped sound system both inside and out. It would be an impressive home on its own merit, but with the added ingenuity of shipping containers being at its building hub, the hope is that it will attract buyers who are looking for something unique.

If there is a market for it, this could be the first of many container builds in eastern Iowa offering positive growth for a booming market. If you are interested in this container home, it is currently for sale with an asking of price of $459,950 in Cedar Rapids Iowa. If you are thinking about creating a house like this yourself, we offer excellent prices on new 40 foot containers.

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