Micro-Tower is Taking the Container Build Design to New Heights.

Tue, 06/26/2018 - 12:27pm
Photo Courtesy of Dezeen.com

Columbus Ohio is the latest scene for creative container builds. A micro-tower stands in the Downtown Metropolitan area, in parking garage. Its’ function? It serves as a parking attendant booth.

Using a 40 foot container, local firm Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design chose to build up by standing the container vertically. Their inspiration for the design is based on what surrounds the parking garage.

"This tower presents the parking booth as a new tower on the city's skyline, realized at a scale both tall and small, its proportions and monolithic nature mimicking the office towers that surround it," said JBAD in a statement.

The dazzling display is also very functional. The north side of the unit includes a roll up door that acts as a canopy when the space is open and keeps it locked up when the lot is closed. The south side of the unit is made of windows that allow the parking attendant to keep an eye on both sides of the lot, making it not only visually pleasing, but also incredibly functional, especially for a parking attendant.

By using a shipping container to build this unit, it allowed the design team to build the tower mostly offsite. Creating mobility to move it to its’ final home.

This micro-tower is taking the container build design to new heights. If you are interested in using a 40 foot unit for your next build, contact us and we would be happy to help you. 

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