New Bronx Affordable Housing Proposal using Unique Innovation

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 1:01pm
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The Bronx has a new housing proposal with a unique twist in the works. The Gold Key Group, a real estate company in New York, is working on creating an entire affordable housing development made of shipping containers. Their focus is in the northeast section of the Bronx where affordable housing is needed.

The decision to create a project of this magnitude using shipping containers came from the containers being quality made, cost effective solutions for building materials.

The shipping containers also meet international building codes which help push plans through much easier and faster and the fact that they can withstand natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, making them a viable option for affordable living.

The proposed project would feature 65 to 75 apartments using shipping containers. It would also include retail space and also a space for a church.

While the company has not disclosed the location of the proposed housing, the proposal is waiting for from the city’s Department of Housing and Preservation approval before it can move forward.

This is just another example of how shipping containers continue to remain affordable building and housing options. It is worth note to see that investors and real estate companies are really starting to see the value in these containers and are growing increasingly more innovative in achieving creative uses for them.

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