Pop-up shops gains massive appeal to local markets

Tue, 05/15/2018 - 12:40pm
Photo courtesy of the Memphis Flyer

Pop-up shops are just the latest trend in the open-air retail market. In Memphis Tennessee, there is an entire pop-up shop market called The Shabby Chic Marketplace at The Edge. Built like a shopping mall, its intent is simple: to create commerce in a the most cost-effective, creative way as possible. This Marketplace is designed out of great quality containers built together at The Edge. The containers appeal to local start-up and small businesses to rent spaces for short term commerce. The vendors will rotate every 6-12 months to keep the marketplace new and ever-changing. It also creates opportunity for a constant flow of new and fresh business opportunities.

The Shabby Chic Marketplace, on top of its adorable shops, will be hosting festivals, movie nights, food tastings and art installations to help drive interest to the open-air shops. It is set to open this summer and it is one of many places that are trying the Pop-up shop options to help ignite local markets.


Pop-up shops are great for cities and small towns looking to showcase local talent, but their appeal does not stop there. There is also a new trend for small business owners to buy their own containers and create pop-up shops on their own.

In 2017 Nike made news when they created a pop-up shop out of shipping containers that appealed to a specific market: La Crosse Players. The pop-up shop travelled to 82 cities often making its home in parking lots and near La Crosse field to gain access to equipment buyers. On the heels of its success, it recently released another pop-up shop for Kobe Bryant's new line of shoes. In Los Angeles, the shop has a limited run and features a basketball court where shoppers can show their skills.

Nike doesn’t hold the corner market on pop-ups. A lot of small businesses are cashing in on the opportunity to both be mobile and outright own their business space. Providing business owners with the freedom to travel to where their customers are and to keep costs on renting retail space at bay.

Whether you are a local business owner or a commercial landlord, pop-up shops are trending and on the rise. If you are interested in purchasing a shipping container for your business, give us a call, or try a free online quote and we can help make your pop-up shop a reality.



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