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Pop-up shops gains massive appeal to local markets

Pop-up shops are just the latest trend in the open-air retail market. In Memphis Tennessee, there is an entire pop-up shop market called The Shabby Chic Marketplace at The Edge. Built like a shopping mall, its intent is simple: to create commerce in a the most cost-effective, creative way as possible. This Marketplace is designed out of great quality containers built together at The Edge.

Container Sculpture has Wow Factor

Artist Pete Deise has been working on a new sculpture over the last couple of weeks. While he is known for his sculptures, this new project has stretched the limits of his creativity and ingenuity- using a used shipping container to dominate a street corner in Phoenix, Arizona.

Container Bar draws crowds in Colorado.

The trend in shipping container material builds continues in a style that is both innovative and highly useful: The Container Bar. And in Durango, Colorado, the folks at Ska Brewing have taken it to a new level. Their double-decker tasting room aptly titled “The Container” offers a wide variety of local and imported beers and a totally unique tasting experience.

New Bronx Affordable Housing Proposal using Unique Innovation

The Bronx has a new housing proposal with a unique twist in the works. The Gold Key Group, a real estate company in New York, is working on creating an entire affordable housing development made of shipping containers. Their focus is in the northeast section of the Bronx where affordable housing is needed.

Container Farms: The new way to grow locally

Sustainable growth is an imperative for farmers in the U.S. As import costs rise, Americans are finding alternative ways to locally grow. One of those innovative ways is through shipping container farms. Using a 40 foot shipping container, something Cherokee West can offer, container farms, otherwise known as Terra Farms, offer the ability to use less water- as low as 5 gallons for specific kinds of growth such as kale, lettuce and strawberries.

Shipping Containers and the Tiny House Movement

The tiny house movement has exploded in the last 5 years. What started in rural populations has expanded to residential areas and is quickly becoming one of the newest ways to build affordable housing.Tiny houses have a large following with minimalists. In an attempt to decrease the clutter and get rid of unnecessary consumerism, minimalism has established its place among the tiny house crowd as a way to change your way of thinking and lifestyle, thus improving quality of life....

Containers for Hurricane Sandy

Shipping Containers for Hurricane Sandy What good would containers for hurricane Sandy victims do? Our hearts reach out to those affected by the storm. From the west coast we can only watch our TVs, and listen to our radios and imagine what it must be like to be any one of the families or persons […]

Say yes to containers in Las Vegas!!

Projects Using Shipping Containers In Las Vegas? The News Shipping containers in Las Vegas? Who knew anything about them. I sure didn’t. But, of course I’ve always got my nose in the shipping container projects, and  news.  And yes…  If there is a magazine about model trains, and dentistry, there is bound to be plenty […]


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